Organic ingredients now in stock.

You can buy the following ingredients from us for your production in bulk and even in small quantity if you are ‘diy’ addicted:
-raw shea butter (premium grade A).
-organic cocoa butter.
-coconut oi
-organic neem oil
-jatropha oil
-castor oil
-bentonite clay
-indigo powder
-camwood powder
-pure aloe vera gel
-tumeric organic grade
-organic honey 100% pure.

Now in stock:

Kiod Argan Oil in 120ml bottle size.

Rhassoul clay 200g

Organic nettle powder.

Moringa Oil

Hibiscus powder.


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28 thoughts on “Organic ingredients now in stock.

  1. I’ve been a regular of Deji’s bentonite clay for 3 monts. I use it for MHM method (natural haired sisters will know what that means). His clay is really good, i add some honey and olive oil and my hair is soooo soft when i’m done and there is not a single dandruff anymore.
    now i’m trying his shea butter and honey, i’ll be sure of come back to leave a feedback.

    Please how can i forget to mention the price… believe you me, don’t bother checking; He is the cheapest you will find for unadulterated clay


  2. Hello, I’ve checked through and I don’t seem to find a phone number. I think it will be good you include other means of reaching you aside from email. Thanks


  3. So glad I purchased your Shea butter recently, it’s grade A indeed. Strong smells associated with Shea butter is significantly reduced in Shea mapo’s product. It doesn’t go rancid nor change smell over time because its fresh and obviously unadulterated. Aside making profit, this Shea butter has become my major facial butter. I thought I would get dark when I began but almost a year now, I’ve not had course to switch back to perfumed-filled branded products. Not all Shea butter serve this purpose, some will make you stink. My hair too is singing with the use of this product, then for the cocoa butter – o my God, it smells heavenly! Am yet to use other Shea mapo’s products but am sure I won’t be disappointed either. Great job sir.


  4. So glad that i recieved your shea butter, i must say that it is really pure grade A shea. I have used it right away on my face, my husbend and kids used it too😊. I loved it and i am sure that my customers will love it as well. Thank you so much Deji for your hounesty.
    I am lucky to deal with you and i look forward to buy other products from you.
    Wish you all the best


  5. I promised to come back and tell my story about Deji’s Shea butter. It’s a year now and I haven’t bought any cream. Someone looked at me a few days ago and asked ” dont mosquitoes bite you?”. I use any random soap from veryyyy cheap to every expensive depending on my sister’s mood so it’s not the soap. As for his honey, my mum just asked me to reorder for her.
    I am a happy customer, no doubt!


      1. Please, I need to know which of your Products have nafdac number so i can get more customers including the difficult ones. I intend distributing your products.


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