Order your Rhassoul Clay today!!

Moroccan Rhassoul (Ghassoul) Clay

Rhassoul Clay is a remarkable natural mineral clay that originates from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It is naturally found and mined from ancient deposits within the Atlas Mountains. It has been mined since the eight century.

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay can be used as a soap, shampoo, skin conditioner and facial and body mask. Rhassoul Clay is much superior to other clays for skin and hair treatment because it contains higher percentages of silica and magnesium along with potassium and calcium.

Other common names for Rhassoul Clay are: Red Clay, Red Moroccon Clay, Ghassoul Clay, Oxide Clay.

The Mineral Composition of Rhassoul Clay

Silica- 58%
Aluminum- 2.47%
Iron- 0.64%
Sodium- 2.3%
Magnesium- 25.2%
Calcium- 2.34%


200g Rhassoul Clay.


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