Sheamapo updated products List & Services

Sheamapo Products and Services:

Unrefined shea butter packaged and bulk.
Organic Cocoa butter
Pure Coconut oil
Black soap granules
Crude castor oil/black castor oil
Neem Oil
Jatropha Oil
Moringa Oil (only on request)
Organic grade Olive oil
Avocado oil
Hemp seed oil
Jojoba oil
Sweet Almond oil
Lavender oil
Tea tree oil
Argan oil
Bentonite Clay
Rhassoul Clay
Fenugreek powder
Neem leaves extract
Tamarind raw extract
Mint powder
Camwood/African sandalwood powder.
Turmeric powder (organic grade).
Stinging nettles
Hibiscus powder
Aloe vera powder
Palm kernel oil premium (Adin Eyan).

Finished Products:
Turmeric Bar soap
Shea butter Soap
Coffee butter Soap
African black soap paste (SKIN GLOW or TONING)
Customized Organic Soap
Organic hair food Cream
Organic Herbal hair Oil blend.
Organic Skin treatment cream (Adult and baby as required).
Organic Skin treatment Herbal oil blend.
Whipped body butter cream
Organic Body butter (Scented and Unscented).
If you are vendor and you want customised products to stock and resell contact Sheamapo with your ingredients requirement and specification.
Let’s all join hand to make it “truly organic”
Contact phone number:
Whatsapp line: 09091360565
Fb: Sheamapo organics


One thought on “Sheamapo updated products List & Services

  1. SHEAMAPO!!!👍 Great! These Organic Products are Excellent! I’m using the Turmeric Soap, the Shea butter made/produced by SHEAMAPO. I tell you, they are just too WONDERFUL! I also have the Coconut Oil & the African Black Soap Paste, all from SHEAMAPO! In fact, these Products are Pure & Truly natural. And their effects are so Perfect on the skin.


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