SheaMapo blacksoap Liq body wash for your ultimate cure.

Pic 1 Day 1

A guy around my vicinity ran to me and hurriedly pulled his shirt to show me his back as seen above.

He came asking for help on what he can apply to clear the rashes, bumps, intact the sight of his back was horrible.

A 500g jar size of Sheamapo liquid abs was given to him and with instruction on how to apply the gel like liquid on the affected parts.

Summarily, he did as instructed….

Pic 2 Day 4

Day 6

After 1wk

I am waiting to see the guy so that I can share a picture of his skin current state. It has improved tremendously without any harmful effect on his skin. Abs has been discovered and tested to be very efficient and safe for use. You can use it either as unscented or scented.

If you would prefer a milder version dilute with Castile soap (50% olive) and wait to see how fast the combo will revitalize and rejuvenate that damaged skin.

Contact sheamapo for your abs base, abs finished product and more. You will get value for your money and they are truly organic,

Love it like it no harmful effect.


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