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I am a shea butter producer and many other organic products.

SheaMapo pure Carrot Oil

To explain d benefits further:

Carrot oil is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A and E. It nourishes the skin, making it smooth and bright,lightening the skin tone and even out dark skin patches.

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Shea butter balm with bee propolis.

The ancient Greeks used propolis to treat ABSCESSES.

Assyrians used it to help heal WOUNDS and TUMORS.

Ancient Egyptians used propolis for Mummification.

The big question here is What would you use yours to treat?

-Propolis can be used in diminishing your wrinkles.

-It contains antimicrobial additives.

-Reliable organic ingredient when fighting acne.

-An antifungal

-An emollient

-It help in balancing, healing and soothing problematic skin.

-It accelerate the rate of cell growth and deconge pores.

-It protects the skin against bacteria.

If you are looking to have supple & elastic skin propolis will help you achieve that.

Summarily, propolis will help regenerate and protect your skin against free radicals.

The DIY enthusiasts need this organic ingredient more for skin perfection cream and skin firmness cream.

SheaMapo has spent so much quality time to bring this organic ingredient nearer to you.

It comes in two forms:

Shea butter balm with propolis extract as base ingredient for your cream, soap, lip balm etc.

Secondly, as a potent oil infusion for all your skin care need.

We bottled it in amber color glass bottle to prevent  rancidity.

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Money back guaranteed…. Truly organic!

Shea butter balm with propolis base ingredients 220g N2200.

Propolis Tincture (non alcohol) base ingredient 50ml N2500.