Bentonite Clay Untreated
Bentonite Clay Untreated
Unrefined Shea Butter (Premium Grade A)


Raw shea Butter packaged in 20g container jar.
Raw shea Butter packaged in 20g container jar.
Organic BEESWAX 600g
Organic BEESWAX 600g


12 thoughts on “PRODUCTS

    1. I have sent you the price for 20kg.
      You can pick up at our Ota mini warehouse or deliver at your doorstep if you are in Lagos. We partner with Tranex courier.


  1. Pls give a price list for these products

    1. Cosmetic jars plus I need to see more container samples
    2. 2.5kg mango butter
    3. Lavender oil
    4. Coco butter unrefined
    5. Shea butter 20g
    6. Beeswax 600g


  2. Hello,

    I want to buy your product and retail in Abuja.

    Can you help me with the prices of the following items?

    Unrefined shea butter packaged and bulk. 100g
    Organic Cocoa butter 100g
    Pure Coconut oil 100ml
    Black soap granules 1kg
    Crude castor oil/black castor oil 100ml
    Neem Oil 100ml
    Jatropha Oil 100ml
    Moringa Oil 100ml
    Organic grade Olive oil 100ml
    Avocado oil 100ml
    Hemp seed oil 100ml
    Jojoba oil 100ml
    Sweet Almond oil 100ml
    Lavender oil 100ml
    Tea tree oil 100ml
    Argan oil 100ml
    Bentonite Clay 100g
    Rhassoul Clay 100g
    Fenugreek powder 100g
    Neem leaves extract 100g
    Tamarind raw extract 100g
    Mint powder 100g
    Camwood/African sandalwood powder. 100g
    Turmeric powder (organic grade). 100g
    Stinging nettles 100g
    Ghee 100g
    Hibiscus powder 100g
    Aloe vera powder 100g
    Palm kernel oil premium (Adin Eyan). 100ml

    Thank you in advance.



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